Saturday, December 13, 2008

Liseurely ride to Airport junction

Saturday.... Came back from Korean classes. Had nothing better do. The withdrawal from TFN and postponement of Oslo travel was making me sad. Moreover it's been really looong time since I did a long ride on my cycle. My legs were itching to ride. Considered riding to Nandi. But, it was too late - around 3PM. Browsed a little on Google earth/Wikimapia, found no good place to ride. Finally made up my mind to go to Devanahalli. Started off at 4pm from Rajajnagar. There was no specific destination. Just thought of riding as long as possible before 6PM and return.

Need not say it was a great ride. Thanks to the new Jersey and shorts picked up from Wheelsports. I must say it was worth every penny spent [3k for Jersey+Shorts]. 
Initially had some problems with breathing until I left the city. It was smooth after that. Man! how polluted our city is getting?

Took several small breaks all along for juice, bananas, to stretch..... Maintained a good pace ~21 kmph. Reached the airport junction @6pm. Decided to return as it was getting dark.  Hit a roadside tea shop for some kaapi. Met some curious folks from Ananthpur who had stopped for a sip. God! needles to say I am tired of explaining  to people why a cycle costs 26k. huh... Then the scary part - Test Rides. I was scared, but had to oblige. Laid out strict conditions - No riding on highway, no changing gears, not to use the front brakes [last thing I wanted to see was someone slamming the front disc brakes and crashing :) ] Thank God only 2guys took the test ride.

Left the airport junction at 6:15. There were very less climbs on return route, was mostly downhill but, traffic was sickening. Started feeling tired near Jakkur. Took a small break near Sahkarnagar. Gobbled up some biscuits and continued... Started Spinning for Cool off from Mekhri Circle.

Reached home at around 8:30... 

Aaah! what more can one ask from life when you can just do what you love :)

Ride Stats
Total time : approx 4hrs
Time on wheels : 3:05:01
Distance : 68.84 km
Avg : 22.3 kmph
Max : 47.8 kmph
Calories : 1201

Odo reading - 329 km .... way to go.....